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Otis AI

A marketing website and a web-app for a SaaS startup.


Otis AI is a digital marketing assistant that allows you to launch data-driven digital ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Google in minutes. Their AI-powered web app is the perfect solution for businesses who strive to connect with customers and generate results.

I worked with this New York based startup to do the following:

  1. Developed their front-facing marketing website on React JS.
  2. Set up a headless CMS (Strapi) for their blog.
  3. Developed their backend admin panel built using MEVN stack.
  4. Helped with backend development of their SaaS product offering.
  5. Helped with managing AWS EC-2 instances and CI/CD set up.

A lot of complex concepts are demonstrated in this project like Routing, Authentication, MongoDB, APIs, React Hooks, Context API, Node JS, Express JS, Headless CMS, CRUD operations, AWS services, Cookies, UI/UX design, Javascript ES6