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Popfizs pandemic eats

A recipe app built on React-JS and Firebase.


What started off as a hobby project when I was bored during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown turned into a fairly complex web app built on React-Js and Firebase. This website was created for a dear friend of mine who was struggling with coming up with new recipes to cook every day during the pandemic. One of her pain points was that she easily lost track of the ingredients she had in her fridge so I integrated a feature called “What’s in my fridge?” which tackles that problem. This web app also includes authentication, which lets users sign in and keep track of their ingredients in the kitchen.

A lot of React concepts are demonstrated in this web app like Routing, Authentication, CRUD operations with Firebase, APIs, data management, React Hooks, Context API, State management, Search feature etc…


T Kavitha


Saiakhil Kovvur, Delish, Tasty