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Sogo rentals

An e-Commerce website for IT equipment rentals. Redefined.


Sogo Computers Pvt Ltd is a company that rents out IT equipment on a weekly or monthly basis for personal and corporate needs. Initially, the client was only dealing in the B2B sector but wanted to expand to B2C. So we came up with an e-commerce model and immediately started working on the website. One of our goals was to retain familiarity with customers so unlike other competitors, we came up with a hotel booking style website where customers could rent products for a fixed period rather than just monthly and weekly. The only difference is that instead of booking a room, you’d be booking IT equipment. Another challenge was to create an easy to use backend CRM portal so we went with a custom WooCommerce site that facilitates managing orders and etc easily.


Saiakhil Kovvur, RedQ team

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